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Fantastic to see a (real) traditional Southern Thai restaurant in South Yarra. We had the Ka Prow with pork mince and the Bai Leng Pad Kia stir fry, I remember this dish from my visit to Suratthani...yum!. Then the Tofu and Vegie Green Curry and the Fried Barramundi Fillet. All were delicious. Fresh ingredients, delightful staff and 80% Thai national patrons, created a fun atmosphere that made the night very special. We'll be back! I want the Bai Leng Pad Kia stir fry again please!
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The smallest restaurant in south Yarra !!! But big flavours we went for lunch loved the food so much went back for dinner / traditional Thai food
david davis
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The taste of traditional southern Thai food, especially the sour fish curry (had to get extra for takeaway). If you want to try authentic southern Thai food this is the place.
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Fantastic food which I highly recommend and the staff are an absolute delight. Going back again very soon!
Michael Barrow
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We had ordered a few different dishes for our dinner, most of the dishes we ordered were authentic southern style foods of Thailand which is not so common in Thai restaurants will have them. If you love something spicy and herby then I would like to recommend this restaurant, they also have a regular Thai dishes such as stir-fry Chinese broccoli and Basil stir-fry. Staff were friendly and willing to help if you were not sure about the dish they can help you with it. Price is affordable with good size of portions. I do recommend them 👍
Mint Pakaiwan
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Authenticity right there! They do really have a killer Pad see ew. I only tried two dishes, both amazing. Definitely come back for more.
Luis Serrano
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“Welcome to our Restaurant!
For the comfort and convenience of all our guests, we kindly request a maximum dining duration of 75 minutes per table.

Please arrive 5 minutes prior to your reservation time to ensure prompt seating.

Please note that if you are more than 10 minutes late, your table may be released.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

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